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Magic Blender

Magic Blender

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600-Watts, smoothie & food processing blender: a high-powered kitchen tool that is excellent for making smoothies, shakes, creamy and frozen drinks for the entire family. It has everything you need to take delicious, nutrient-rich juices on the go - the first step toward a healthier lifestyle.

  • Brand: ECB
  • Color: Gray
  • Capacity: 72 Fluid Ounces
  • Product Dimension: 6'D x 8'W x 17'H
  • Material: Stainless Steel

Versatile functions

Food processing

Nutrition in no time

600 watts of power

On-the-go convenience

Easy to clean

Receipt inspiration

1 Year Warranty

Easy to use

Simple and easy-to-use controls, just push, twist and blend. It's that easy.

On-the-go convenience

Take your personalized smoothies on the go. Perfect for smoothies, shakes, dip, and more.

In a rush?

Most smoothies can be made in under 60 seconds. Healthy nutrition for your busy day.

Easy to clean

The blender's cups are dishwasher safe. Simply rinse with soap & water.

Your personal health assistant.

Our recipe guide can help you make quick and nutritious smoothies on the go - perfect for an active lifestyle.

Nutrition in no time. Blend and go!

Take your personalized smoothies on the go. Perfect for smoothies, protein shakes, dip, and more.


Powerful nutrient extraction

Transform your health with the Magic Blender, designed to fit your active lifestyle.


Powerful personal blender

A blender for every recipe. Get the most out of every ingredient - fruit, veggies, and ice - every day.

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Get inspired with recipes and tips from fellow Magic Blenders.



3-in-1 Blender

Powerful Blending Performance for Smoothies, Frozen drinks, Shakes and More

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